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Tiếng Anh cơ bản 2 tập 30: Mơ một giấc mơ nhỏ

Let's Learn English Level 2 Lesson 30: Dream a Little Dream
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Let's Learn English Level 2 Lesson 30: Dream a Little Dream

Tóm lược (Summary)

Anna talks to many coworkers about their dreams and plans for the future.

Anna nói chuyện với đồng nghiệp về những ước mơ và kế hoạch cho tương lai.

Hội thoại (Conversation)

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Đường dẫn trực tiếp

ASHLEY: Anna, where are you going in such a hurry?

ANNA: Hi, Ashley. The nurse’s office. Today I get the results from my blood test.

ASHLEY: I’m sure you’re fine. Don’t worry.

ANNA: You know, I used to dream of being a nurse. It is such an honorable career. Is there something you’ve dreamed of doing?

ASHLEY: Sure! I would love to be a dog trainer. Actually, I’ve taught my dog, Dublin, lots of tricks!

ANNA: Well, I’m off to the nurse. Bye, Ashley.

ASHLEY: Bye, Anna.

ANNA: Bye, Dublin.

(Anna stands near the nurse’s office and listens to her phone call.)

NURSE: I’m looking at her test results and they’re not good. In fact, I’m afraid she’s not going to make it.

ANNA: What?! I'm not going to make it? I'm dying??

NURSE: Anna, come in. How are you?

ANNA: I guess..not so good. I’m dying!?

NURSE: What are you talking about?

ANNA: I just heard you on the phone. Just tell me: How much longer do I have?

NURSE: I wasn't talking about you. A student of mine didn’t do well on her science test. So, she won’t be able to make it ... to graduation.

ANNA: Whew. Thank goodness! For a minute, my whole life passed before my eyes. There are so many things I haven't done yet.

NURSE: Well, life is short. It’s important to do something you love every day.
ANNA: I couldn’t agree more.

NURSE: Now, let’s talk about your blood test. Your cholesterol is really low.

ANNA: Awesome!

(Next, Anna is sitting in a sound studio with Jonathan.)

JONATHAN: Okay, Anna, say something and I’ll check your sound level.

ANNA: Testing 1, 2, 3. Testing. Jonathan, I’ve been wondering something: What’s at the top of your bucket list?

JONATHAN: That’s easy. I’d love to win the World Karaoke Contest.

ANNA: This is so strange. I just saw on Twitter that they are having auditions in D.C. this weekend!

JONATHAN: Are you serious? Can you read the story by yourself?

ANNA: Sure, absolutely.


ANNA: You go.

(Anna goes outside and talks to Penelope.)

ANNA: Penelope, I was wondering if you still dream of being a dancer.

PENELOPE: Only every day!

ANNA: Well, guess what: A famous dancer is having a flash mob around the corner! Hundreds of people are dancing together!


ANNA: Way! If you leave right now, you can join them! Bye!

(Anna then sits with Pete in the office kitchen.)

ANNA: Pete, what’s one of your dreams?

PETE: Well, last night I dreamt I was in a spaceship. I was flying through outer space with these two beautiful...

ANNA: Pete -- not that kind of dream. I mean your hopes for the future.

PETE: Oh. I plan on selling my book to Hollywood and becoming rich and famous.

ANNA: That’s going to be difficult.

PETE: It’s my agent! Hello? Uh-huh. Sure! I can be in Los Angeles tomorrow!

ANNA: Well, good job, Anna! My work here is done … almost.

(Music plays as Anna talks to many more coworkers)

MUSIC: You can search but you won't find the answer without a dream. You can reach for the stars but you won't get there without a dream...without a dream.

(Then, Anna is sitting at her work desk.)

MS. WEAVER: Anna, what’s going on? Where is everybody?

ANNA: I don’t know. Maybe something is, uh, going around the office.

MS. WEAVER: You mean germs? Anna, you’d better some of this hand cleaner. You don’t want to get sick, too.

ANNA: Right. Okay, thanks. Not germs – dreams, Ms. Weaver. Dreams.

MS. WEAVER: What did you say, Anna?

ANNA: Nothing. Nothing.

PROF. BOT: We hope you have enjoyed Level 2 of Let’s Learn English. Everyone is following their dreams, big and small.

PROF. BOT: What are your dreams? Our dream is for you to keep learning English! Thanks for watching.

Pete tells Anna his dream of selling his book to Hollywood. Then, suddenly, he gets a phone call.
Pete tells Anna his dream of selling his book to Hollywood. Then, suddenly, he gets a phone call.

​Từ ngữ mới (New Words)

absolutely adv. completely or totally
bloodn. the red liquid that flows through the bodies of people and animals
bucket listn. a list experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.
flash mobn. a large group of people who get together suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual or seemingly random act, then disperse​
germn. a very small living thing that causes disease
go aroundv. to go or pass from one person to another person
honorableadj. deserving honor and respect
hundredn. the number 100
karaoken. a form of entertainment in which a device plays the music of popular songs and people sing the words to the songs they choose
leveln. an amount of something
make itexpression. to not fail, die, et cetera
My whole life passed before my eyesexpression. to quickly imagine major moments in your life as a response to fearing death or harm
nursen. a person who is trained to care for sick or injured people and who usually works in a hospital or doctor's office
resultn. information that you get from a scientific or medical test
richadj. having a lot of money and possessions
spaceship – n. a vehicle that is used for travel in outer space​
Thank goodnessexpression. an expression used to show happiness that something bad has been avoided or has finished

Nói chuyện về ước mơ (Talking About Dreams)

Today’s program is about dreams – things you've wanted to do, be or have for a long time. Here is some language for talking about dreams:

I would love to be a dog trainer. - Ashley
I would love + infinitive

I've always wanted to start a wellness company.
I’ve always wanted + infinitive

I’m thinking about joining a musical band.
I'm thinking about + gerund

with dream

My dream is to be a dancer.
My dream is + infinitive

I've dreamed of traveling the world.
I've dreamed of + gerund

with hope

My hope is to open an English school one day.
My hope is + infinitive

I hope to have a house with a garden.
I hope + infinitive

with plan

My plan is to become a journalist.
My plan is + infinitive

I plan to work as a museum tour guide.
I plan + infinitive

I plan on selling my book to Hollywood. - Pete
I plan on + gerund

Note that dream, hope and plan can be nouns or verbs.

Giờ đến lượt bạn (Now, You Try It!)

What are some things that you have always wanted to do, be or have? Use the language you learned today to tell us about it.

Or, just tell us what you think about Level 2. We'd love to hear from you!

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Grammar focus: using "dream" "hope" "plan" "would love" and more

Topics: talking about dreams

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