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Review Lesson 5 - Bloopers
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Review Lesson 5 - Bloopers

For Fun - 'Bloopers' - Hậu trường

Sometimes we do not remember what to say. Or sometimes we are laughing about a funny event. Watch the video above to see some of these mistakes, or "bloopers."

Đôi khi chúng ta không nhớ phải nói cái gì. Hoặc có lúc chúng ta cười vì một thứ gì đó khôi hài. Cùng xem video trên và cười với chúng tôi trong những lần quay hỏng nhé!!

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Quiz - Review of Lessons 30 - 34

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Lesson Review

Lesson 30: Rolling on the River

Grammar focus: Comparative and superlative adjectives; Quantitatives (much/many); Count/non-count nouns

Topics: Asking for and making food recommendations; Units of measure & their abbreviations; dollar amounts expressed in numerals; credit/debit payment

Learning Strategy: Make Inferences

Speaking & Pronunciation Focus: Using count and noncount nouns; Abbreviations for amounts

Lesson 31: Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Grammar focus: Comparatives: faster, earlier

Topics: Making comparisons; Asking for & giving advice

Learning Strategy: Visualize

Speaking & Pronunciation Focus: Using comparative and superlative adjectives; Pronouncing reduced "than" in comparative sentences

Lesson 32: Welcome to the Treehouse!

Grammar focus: Direct and indirect objects; Interjections_

Topics: Requesting help or information; Talking about technology; Politely disagreeing

Learning Strategy: Monitor_ / Identify Problems

Speaking & Pronunciation Focus: Indirect objects; Interjections

Lesson 33: Learning America's Sport

>Grammar focus: Agent Nouns

Topics: Complimenting someone's ability; Explaining how to play a sport or activity

Learning Strategy: Sequence

Speaking & Pronunciation Focus: Agent Nouns; American pronunciation of "er" endings

Lesson 34: What Will I Do?

Grammar focus: Modal verb"might"

Topics: Asking about the future; Talking about life events

Learning Strategy: Make Your Best Guess (Inferencing)

Speaking & Pronunciation Focus: Using modal verbs "will" and "might;" Patterns of intonation with modal verbs

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