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Tiếng Anh cơ bản bài tổng hợp: Ôn lại bài 25 - 29

Let's Learn English Lessons 25-29 Review - Bloopers
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For Fun - 'Bloopers' - Hậu trường

Sometimes we do not remember what to say. Or sometimes we are laughing about a funny event. Watch the video above to see these mistakes, or "bloopers."

Đôi khi chúng ta không nhớ phải nói cái gì. Hoặc có lúc chúng ta cười vì một thứ gì đó khôi hài. Cùng xem video trên và cười với chúng tôi trong những lần quay hỏng nhé!!

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Let's Learn English Review of Lessons 25-29

Let's Learn English Review of Lessons 25-29

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Lesson Review

Did you miss a lesson? Look back and see if you remember these grammar points and topics.

Lesson 25: Watch Out!

Grammar focus: Modals: should; ought to

Topics: Warnings: Be careful, Watch out; Recommending products, giving advice

Learning Strategy: Cooperate

Speaking & Pronunciation Focus: past tense contractions​; Making recommendations using "should"

Lesson 26: This Game Is Fun!

Grammar focus: modal "ought to;" irregular past tense verbs

Topics: U.S. Presidents; Americana symbols

Learning Strategy: Make Associations

Speaking & Pronunciation Focus: Pronouncing "ought to" in fast speech; Giving warnings with the expression "look out;" Symbols associated with American Presidents

Lesson 27: I Can't Come In

Grammar focus: Irregular past tense verbs

Topics: Asking about health problems; giving advice for health problems

Learning Strategy: Analyze Information

Speaking & Pronunciation Focus: Wh-questions and Yes/No question intonation; Groups of verbs with irregular past tense forms

Lesson 28: I Passed It!

Grammar focus: Imperative verb forms, Past tense of BE

Topics: Giving a reason or excuse, Apologizing

Learning Strategy: Self Talk

Speaking & Pronunciation Focus: Imperative verbs, Extending the word "well"

Lesson 29: A Long Time Ago

Grammar focus: Review simple past and irregular past tense verbs; Using adjectives with correct adjective placement; Infinitives: to read, to be; to work

Topics: Describing physical states & emotions

Learning Strategy: Personalize

Speaking & Pronunciation Focus: Using adjectives; Back-channeling noises: Um-Hum, Uh-Huh

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